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Social Media and Mobile Will Impact Future of Shopping
Image Credit  Tesco

Social Media and Mobile Will Impact Future of Shopping


High-end luxury gift retailer,, has collated a variety of stats in one easy-to-read infographic about the current state of online and offline e-commerce.

There are stats concerning how consumers interact with retailers, for example, whether it is through technology or in store. It also features projections about the future value of e-commerce and recommendations such as the need for interaction between the customer and retailer.

According to's infographic, in 2016 global e-commerce retail sales of $1.3 trillion are being forecasted to exceed the 2012 GDPs of countries such as Turkey ($789 billion), the Netherlands ($772 billion) and Switzerland ($632 billion).

Social media has been proven an effective revenue maker for businesses too. Each time someone shares a product, businesses are said to make an estimated $2.04. This could be off the back of exclusive offers, which 58% of users now expect.

Scroll down for many more similar insights in the infographic below.

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