R.O.EYE are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new affiliate programme Azimo, which is a new online money transfer organisation. It’s fast, easy, simple to do, plus its 85% cheaper than other online transferers. The focus here is that there are no over-heads, its purely online, so the fantastic savings are passed on to the customer, in over 195 countries. The programme will be live in UK, Ireland and Germany and is paying out £5.00 for the first transaction from a new customer. Chris Blower, Account Director at R.O.EYE said ‘We are delighted to be managing Azimo’s affiliate programme in UK, Ireland and Germany; drawing upon our vast experience in finance in order to drive new customer acquisition and the Azimo message. They have a tremendous appetite to get consumers to send money around the world for less, and we’re excited that they chose R.O.EYE to help them achieve that through affiliates.’ Azimo is also the first online money transfer service to be fully integrated with Facebook – so customers can log in to Azimo via their Facebook account and transfer quickly and easily. Committed to ethical trading, by lowering the cost of transferring cash overseas Azimo is having an impact on some of the poorest parts of the world. In addition, the online transfer service has committed to donating ten per cent of its profits to charities which work to support the poorest in society. Richard Dennys, Azimo’s Chief Marketing Officer stated ‘We have exciting plans for Azimo in 2014, and having met the team at ROEYE, I’m confident they can help us carry them out and grow the affiliate channel in the way we need. The programme is run via the Affilinet network, and with a 7% conversion rate currently, this is set to take the industry by storm! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Email: emma.dey@roeye.com