Real-time bidding was one of the most talked-up display marketing methodologies of 2013. Its rise in popularity, however, brings with it concerns over online ads that are served to a consumer, but never seen.

Price comparison publisher, MoneySuperMarket, has set out to solve the issue with the help of Meetrics, a German online visibility reporting platform. The two hope to improve the percentage of ads viewable on the comparison site’s pages.

MoneySuperMarket may have only just announced the hiring of Meetrics, but there has already been a testing phase that saw a 37% increase in ROI from the online ads purchased by the publisher through programmatic trading.

Customisation and KPIs

Customisation was part of the decision-making process for Sammy Austin, MoneySuperMarket’s RTB performance media manager, when searching for a way to deal with the publisher’s concerns about ad viewability.

“Their historical expertise combined with an advanced road map – such as the ability to categorise impressions based on viewability pre-bid – made them the standout choice,” Austin said.

“We’ll also be able to customise how we use Meetrics’ solution to most effectively optimise against our KPIs and improve overall campaign performance.”

Having been officially hired by MoneySuperMarket from January 2014, Meetrics is looking to minimise any wastage in ad spend by managing and optimising future campaigns. Its dashboard will provide data on whether the ad is visible, how long it is seen for and the number of clicks.

In addition to Meetrics sharing insights that can better target sites with high visibility, it can use view time to exclude unintentional clicks. MoneySuperMarket is said to benefit by then having a more accurate picture of engagement.