Performance marketing group, OMG, has released its first Mobile Trends in Finance report, which reveals there were unprecedented gains throughout the UK’s finance, insurance and utilities sectors.

OMG has recorded double the volume of traffic through mobile devices on its network in 2013 compared to previous years. Presently, 31% of all traffic on the company’s network originates from mobile, up from 12% in 2012.

Sales through mobile devices more than tripled in 2013, by 165%. The credit card sector was the biggest contributor, with a 231% increase, whereas insurance rose by 2013% across the year.

The report’s findings also shows that there is difference between conversions on desktop and mobile. Desktop conversion currently stands at 13% compared to 7% on mobile. However, OMG says it is confident mobile will rise to the same level as desktop.

Some of the best data OMG uncovered for its report can be seen in the infographic below.