The revolutionary Pingtree technology ensures that affiliate partners in the consumer finance sector are being connected to an entire market of providers such as lenders, life insurance buyers in record time.

Name: Pingtree

Contact: Noemi Keddle


Tell us about your business!

Quintessential Finance Group is an award winning global business in the consumer finance space, with strong focus on technical innovation.We provide our affiliates and other partners with unique B2B solutions such as our Pingtree technology and our Pingcall product (more details below).

We also have successful consumer brands (including,,,, etc.) within the unsecured loan, debt management and life insurance sectors, too.

All of our products and services are included in our affiliate programmes through one simple and free integration!

We are also very pleased and proud to have been awarded the fastest growing technology company in the financial services sector by the Sunday Times on its Fast Track Technology Top 100 list!

We employ 120 people in our offices in the UK, USA, Australia and China and our net sales revenue last year amounted to £34 million.

What is Pingtree and why is it advantageous for affiliates?

Our Pingtree technology has revolutionised the consumer finance affiliate market place in the UK. The system enables our affiliate partners to have free and immediate access to an entire market of financial providers such as loan lenders or life insurance providers using a very simple integration process.

Pingtree is an amazing ‘intelligent hub’ connecting affiliate partners with hundreds of consumer finance providers within split seconds! It is like working with hundreds of merchants at the same time so the chances to convert each lead are a lot higher than normal.

The ‘pingtree’ is a real time ‘bidding system’ ranking our providers based on who offers the highest commission for the leads and who has the highest propensity to lend. This means Pingtree is good for your customer and good for you. Pingtree’s unique Pingview portal offers real time reporting for affiliates to monitor their earnings and the success of their campaigns.

The Pingtree system contains the qualifying criteria of our partners, so the moment a lead enters our Pingtree it is presented to our partners within seconds. Everything is fully automated, reliable and fast. If our partner at the top of the Pingtree decides not to take the lead (as it does not correspond with their acceptance criteria) then the lead goes to the next one, and so on until a suitable partner is found. All this is happening within seconds.

How can affiliates work with Pingtree?

Integration with us is very simple. We welcome the following types of affiliates:

  • Comparison sites, financial sites
  • PPC and SEO specialists running their own websites
  • Display marketers (email and mobile/sms)
  • Other Pingtrees
  • Financial Call Centres, loan and finance brokers
  • Lenders and providers who want to monetise their declined customers

Our partners can use creative versions for our own consumer brands or if they have their own sites they can just simply use our IFrame.

XML posting into our system is also possible.

What geographical markets do you support?

We have live businesses in the UK, Australia and USA and are looking to further diversify in 2014.

What about product areas?

We provide solutions in short term unsecured loans (payday, guarantor loans), debt management and life insurance.

We also own 2 membership based consumer loan brands called Loan Marketing and My Loan. These offer market leading benefit packages for customers struggling to find a loan.

Do you have branded campaigns for display advertisers such as email or mobile marketers?

Yes! Our affiliate partners can have free access to creative versions of our own brands such as,, or

We understand the importance of mobile marketing, so most of our sites are mobile optimised.

What is unique about Pingtree?

We have recently launched our Pingcall product which is a call centre based system that enables us to receive leads from affiliates’ call centres. It provides a service for customers who are reluctant to complete a form online. Our affiliate partners can either hot key customers to our call centre or use our Pingcall IFrame to provide us with customer details.

2014 will be a big year for further projects: we are going live with our instalment loan Pingtree and we will launch a new site that will offer comprehensive consumer loan solutions from unsecured to secured loans.

Last, but not least, how much can affiliates earn with your programmes?

The finance sector is one of the highest paying within the affiliate marketing space. Some products such as life insurance pay on a CPL (commission per valid lead) basis starting from £20 with no reject policy.

Regarding unsecured loans our lenders pay us on a CPA (cost per accepted lead) basis, thus, we offer a revenue share to affiliates. Some partners pay us up to £60 pounds while others £1.50 for an accepted lead. So we pay our lead generator partners in the range of 65-80% of the accepted lead revenue.

The earning potential depends on the quality of the leads – we don’t know how much the lead is worth until somebody buys it. Loan affiliates prefer this CPA model as opposed to a fixed lead price as this way their earning potential is unlimited!

What to do next if someone is interested in your programmes?

You can sign up to our programmes on (for UK loan product programme only) or on (for US and Australian markets or our other UK products).

Alternatively please email Noemi Keddle our Senior Commercial Manager ( leaving your contact details and Noemi will be happy to call you back to discuss the next steps.