Office needed to efficiently drive incremental online sales at a sustainable marketing cost. The retailer believes itself to be an expert when it comes to online performance display, having implemented its first retargeting campaigns as far back as 2007.

In order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain its leading market position, it has been imperative for Office to continue to grow its top line while maintaining sustainable ROI targets for its marketing spend.

The Results

During the five-week test period for the campaign the campaign was successful in several ways.


Sociomantic campaigns delivered 94% additional revenue on top of that generated by the incumbent. The complimentary approaches of both partners resulted in minimal audience overlap.

Conversion rate

The Sociomantic campaigns outperformed the conversion rate of Office’s existing performance display campaigns by 16%.

Clickthrough rate

In the same period, the CTR of Sociomantic campaigns equalled that of the existing performance display campaigns.

New customers

Sociomantic campaigns delivered 100% more visits from new-to-site users when compared to the performance of the incumbent. Alongside significantly increasing overall revenue, the Sociomantic campaigns also converted more first time visitors into purchasing customers.

The strategy

Office worked with the following Sociomantic programmatic solutions to help drive incremental revenue

Real-time bidding

Sociomantic’s proprietary bidder analyses real-time user profiles in combination with streams of shop, performance, and yield data to calculate the perfect price for each display ad impression while optimising campaigns to Office’s cost-per-action (eCPA) goals.

Dynamic creative optimisation

For each impression won, Sociomantic’s product recommendation engine personalises the banner in a matter of milliseconds, helping Office to increase revenues by showing customers viewed products in addition to related new offers that drive clicks and conversions.

HTML5 for cross-device reach

By leveraging Sociomantic’s HTML5 bannering technologies, Office was able to reach users with dynamically personalised ads not only on desktop, but also across mobile devices and tablets.

Custom segmentation

Sociomantic worked with Office to define strategies for a range of customer segments, enabling the retailer to differentiate ROI targets and messaging mechanisms for new to site, existing and loyal customers.

Facebook exchange

As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, Sociomantic enabled Office to reach significantly more users on the world’s most popular social network with individually personalised banners.

“Thanks to the use of market-leading programmatic technologies and a unique user-centric approach, Sociomantic was able to deliver +94% additional revenue on top of our current activity. Sociomantic’s data-driven and selective targeting strategy resulted in a higher conversion rate than that of the incumbent and a significantly greater percentage of visits are from brand new customers.”

“I am very positive about the future development of the partnership and the possibilities for generating further incremental sales through deeper CRM integrations across desktop and mobile.” – Rav Dhaliwal, senior e-commerce marketing manager, Office.