Part four of the PerformanceIN 2013 roundup takes us on to the most popular Q&As on the website.

We have interviewed some truly fascinating figureheads from the world of performance marketing and we would be hard pressed to pick five of the best Q&As from 2013, which is why we are letting the pageviews on our analytics do the talking.

From Suspicious Affiliate Activity to Innovative Affiliates

Business is booming for online dating. Globally it is worth £2 billion, which means those publishers working in the sector won’t be doing too badly either. One huge business that operates a network of niche dating websites shared its thoughts on performance marketing.

Coupon Sites Are Not ‘Margin Killers’

Consumer reliance on vouchers is taken for granted, but is their widespread availability squeezing advertiser profits? Not according to president of Commission Junction, Kerri Pollard. Read why in this interview.

Performance Marketing Will be the New Norm

Content publishers tend to fall into two camps, those who use Skimlinks and those who use VigLink. Find out how VigLink is faring straight from the source in this interview with founder and CEO, Oliver Roup.

Is Facebook Exchange the Future of Real-time Bidding?

Outspoken executives are hard to come by, but Triggit’s chief revenue officer, Chris Zaharias gives a frank assessment of the display advertising landscape in this Q&A about the launch of social media’s first real-time bidding endeavour, Facebook Exchange.

Quidco MD on Cashback Popularity & Savvy Consumers

Andy Oldham has been at Quidco for almost four years where he has overseen a number of big updates to help make the company one of the first destinations for consumers sourcing cashback. In this piece he reveals the reasoning behind some of the decisions that were made.

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