Before the performance marketing industry’s collective eyes are fully focused on 2014, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a little taste of which guest pieces garnered the most reads.

The following top 10 has been compiled using data from PerformanceIN’s site analytics and is ranked by those feature articles with the highest-grossing page uniques, so take a look back at 2013’s most poignant trends and see if you missed anything.

Did Moneysupermarket Falsely Blame Google for Slow Growth?

Comparison behemoth, Moneysupermarket, dived into hot water when it decided to use Google as an excuse for missing financial targets. Was there any truth to the publisher’s claims? We asked our resident SEO author to investigate.

Exposed: Performance Marketing in India

India has been a magnet for performance marketing companies throughout 2013. The country experiences high growth in relevant areas, but what other factors are coming into play? Further analysis of the subcontinent was required.

Is Social Media Taking Over SEO?

UK newspaper The Guardian went all sensationalist on search ranking strategy earlier this year and was broadly condemned by the SEO community. PerformanceIN’s resident social expert provided his own view on the whole fiasco.

What Super Affiliates Want

Irked by a series of irritations in the lead generation space, one network-labelled super affiliate shared some 10 of his most frustrating experiences in the hopes that the channel can improve in these areas.

Attribution Debate Rages On – Affiliates Sidelined?

Where would a top 10 performance marketing feature be without an attribution article? Ever divisive, attribution is sure to be an icebreaker at industry networking events. Can a one-size-fits-all approach actually work?

Has the Affiliate Channel’s Bubble Burst?

PerformanceIN is never one to shy away from asking the tough questions and after a series of uninspiring revenue and sales postings from a number of the industry’s big hitters, we wanted to look at how the channel could financially flourish in the future.

Facebook Hashtags: Boosting Your Content’s Reach

Without doubt 2013 was the year social networks made a consolidated effort to break a profit, launching features aimed less at the consumer and more as a tool for the marketer. Facebook’s use of hashtags, traditionally a Twitter-only innovation, was one such update.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Neuromarketing

Psychology is often underestimated, but those marketers with the ability to really get inside the mind of the consumer will reap more of a reward than those lacking in this skillset. If you are new to the field neuromarketing, this article will give you a thorough crash course.

Why no one Cares About Affiliate Marketing (And Why it is Your Fault)

Widely touted as one of the UK performance marketing industry’s 2013 success stories, the IAB’s landmark report into the contribution of the affiliate and lead generation channels may not actually materialise next year. Will you be doing your part to help the 2014 edition?

Tradedoubler Seeking to Mitigate Firefox Cookie Issue

Mozilla caused a stir when it announced a change to the way its future browser version would deal with cookies. Performance marketing network, Tradedoubler, revealed how it intended to nullify the threat posed by Firefox.

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