Research into millennials, or Generation Y, is in plentiful supply, but a new initiative between communications company, Bite, and data analysis firm, Redshift Research, aims to expose a lot of the myths surrounding this demographic.

Firstly, it is widely believed millennials spend their lives on social media, which is not true. Of the 2,000 17-31 year-olds in the UK and US who contributed to the study, a 41% minority spend more than three hours a week on Facebook.

Twitter does not appear to be widely used by the age category at all, with 43% saying they have not written a single tweet. Those that do use web 2.0 sites perform researching tasks for work or delve into study-related online forums and user groups, rather than plan their social life.

Another inaccurate statement is that millennials primarily use smartphones and tablets. In reality desktop and laptop computers still have a part to play as 65% choose to use the internet on these rather than their smartphone or tablet.

For more shattering of millennial preconceptions, take a look at the infographic that follows.