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Ten Most Authoritative Free Sites for Monopolising Google SERPs
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Ten Most Authoritative Free Sites for Monopolising Google SERPs


Are you worried about your online reputation? Nowadays it's something you cannot ignore. Even if you’re not suffering from unfair (yeah, we’re all good guys here) bad publicity online, it is advisable to take some precautionary measures.

So what do you need to take a control of search results when someone searches Google for your name or brand?

You need 10 web assets to occupy the first page in Google (I’m assuming you don't care about Yahoo and Bing). Here they are in my list below. They are all trusted sites and will be ranked easily. And one more thing – they are free. You can create all 10 assets during the course of one working day, which I have prioritised by reputation below.

1. Facebook

The social network is the second site in the world in terms of traffic and, therefore, authority. Anyone can easily create a new page for a brand or name under an existing account. Just enter your keyword as the page name, and add a description and some relevant posts. It costs literally nothing to you, except for the 200-400 words of text and an optional header image. The page will be indexed in a few days without any external links. You can brand your page how you like and show a good image of you or your company.

2. Twitter

Despite being just the tenth largest site according to Alexa rank, I nevertheless place a Twitter page in second place in my list of reputation management assets because of two things: easy creation and a good ranking in Google. The two nuisances of a Twitter page are: you need another account if you already have one, and it requires some activity or backings to be indexed.

3. SlideShare

This takes third place in my personal rating. Although it requires some more work to create a presentation, Slideshare pages are loved by Google. Your presentation text is extracted as plain text in the SERPS, so do not forget to put your keywords in the presentation. Four to five pages are enough. Make sure they are self-indexed, No Scribd, noDocstoc and only Slideshare. Hint: links from the fourth page of your presentation and further will be indexed, so grab some backlink value from there.

4. LinkedIn

It is simple: address bad publicity by creating a personal page for an individual, a product page for a product/service, and a company page for a company. You can also create your own LinkedIn group, which works very well for products and services. Needless to say you have a full control over all your LinkedIn assets.

5. YouTube

here are lots of free tools that convert still images into video presentations. Compose a video of your SlideShare presentation (or buy a gig at Fiverr for $5) and upload it to YouTube. Enter a title and a description. For extra optimisation, add a caption with your keywords.  Self-indexed.

6. A free press release site

One of my favorites is Just search for those who accept press releases for free and have the lowest Alexa ranks. Do not over-optimise your press release: one keyword entrance in the title and two entrances in the body is enough. 5+ keyword entrances in the body may throw you down to 50th position or worse.


Do you want to invent a Facebook killer? Post your idea at Even if you don't find an investor, at least your personal name or company will be ranked.

8. Instagram

If you are too nice to suffer from slander, show it by posting your selfies and prove to everyone you are not a devil, and neither is your company. Get the ranking power for your profile from the 39th site in the World.

9. A free hosting site

Consider the likes of,, Post some paragraphs of copy and an image having <alt> and <title> tags.

10. Your own standalone website

Just list it in all the previous site profiles and it will be likely ranked number one for your name or brand.

Take your time to create some useful content, don't be spammy, and these pages will support your reputation for years. Use unique text for each profile. It's also a good idea to make a link wheel using the 10 sites above. But if your reputation case is too difficult, contact a professional reputation management agency Akado Oy, for an expert  tailored reputation repairing plan.

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Ilya Nikitin

Ilya Nikitin

Ilya Nikitin is an internet marketer with eleven years of experience, including SEO/SEM, social network marketing, eCommerce, and project management. He leads his own company that targets the B2B market. He is always eager to try new strategies to achieve outstanding results.

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