In a statement to its members, the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council (IAB AMC) has announced its intention to start the election process for a new chairman.

Elections will only occur if more than one candidate puts themselves forward for the role of chair. These have been scheduled to take place at the beginning of February where the candidate will be selected. If only one candidate is nominated, there will be no chairman.

Nominations for the industry position within the IAB AMC in 2014 should be submitted by December 13. Voting for the position will occur between January 23 and February 6. The chair will then be required to attend two full council meetings during the year.

Push for an industry representative

While the council has been without an industry chair for some time, it has not been completely rudderless. Claire O’Brien, senior programmes manager at the IAB, has been providing a great deal of assistance for the past two years as acting chair.

O’Brien has been assisted by OMG chief operating officer, Nathan Salter, who is chair of the IAB AMC’s legislation committee. He has been responsible for much of the recent changes in guidelines including a revision to the Voucher Code of Conduct this year.

The chairman will act as council head and conduit for the industry. He or she will be expected to lead as a spokesperson on industry issues, guide the council’s roadmap, provide representation at full IAB meetings and, most importantly, galvanise the industry around the council’s initiatives.