Performance marketing company, Tradedoubler, has joined the growing list of networks now offering advertisers the option to counter the spread of exclusive codes.

Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking, part of Tradedoubler Voucher & Promotion Codes, helps advertisers track the full sales cycle from offline to online and works similarly to Daisycon’s own method.

A growing concern among advertisers is that they are paying more for an exclusive campaign because non-approved publishers are effectively plagiarising codes meant for use on certain sites.

Advertisers already confirmed

The new feature is being used by a number of different advertisers across Europe including Dell, The Body Shop (UK), bonprix (Germany),Yves Rocher (Benelux), frontlineshop (Germany), CDON (Nordics), and Omnicom Affiliates (UK).

Cosmetics retailer The Body Shop, was one of the first brands to get involved with the network’s new coupon exclusivity feature and its affiliate manager, Kirsty Woolley, thought it vital to the future of voucher use.

“The Body Shop has consistent voucher codes being pushed out across the affiliate channel, and in an era where user-generated codes are rife this couldn’t be more important, to ensure our partners are happy and confident in the fact they are being rewarded for their efforts in driving the brand forward,” Woolley said.

Automated commission payment

Commission from exclusive codes is automatically validated and attributed to approved publishers only with Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking. It also allows publishers to search and integrate code dynamically through the system’s API.

Authorised publishers will likely feel incentivised because of the improved exclusivity and can make more out of the close relationship they have with advertisers in promotional material. Additionally, the enhanced tracking will reveal if a sale is generated through the intended publisher or not.

Adding support for offline channels such as TV, print and SMS, will help publishers take a new multichannel approach to performance marketing, according to Magnus Nyström, Tradedoubler’s chief technology officer.

“Having the data to not only understand your consumer’s purchase path but also to understand how and where your voucher code campaigns were used at the point-of-sale, is critical for budgeting and helping to tailor your next campaign.”