Currently, most websites put together monetisation strategies formed around desktop users. It’s much simpler to make a purchase, sign up for some offer or click on an affiliate link from a computer than a mobile device. And that was all fine and dandy 10 years ago, but not now.

Today we live in a mobile world. As of May 2013, 56% of American adults owned a smartphone, meaning if you don’t have a smartphone you’re in the minority these days. More and more adults, and even teenagers and younger children, are going mobile through a smartphone or tablet. So far this year, mobile phones account for 17% of global web traffic. In North America alone, we jumped from 9.4% in 2012 to 15.2% in 2013, and we’re only going to see this jump continue worldwide.

So if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s time to focus on the mobile users. Check out these five tools to better monetise your mobile visitors, and you and your website won’t be sorry.

AdSense for mobile

Some of you may already be familiar with Google AdSense, but now Google is making it simpler to incorporate this programme into your mobile site. AdSense for Mobile detects which mobile device your reader is using and delivers specific ads designed for their phone. It also matches ads to the type of content you’re publishing, and you earn money whenever someone clicks on an ad.

App recommendation

For most of you, app recommendation is probably a new term you are unfamiliar with. Companies which provide these services have robust algorithms that monitor your visitor content consumption and then recommend different mobile apps for them to download based on their interests. Every time an app is installed, you generate a commission. It’s very similar to how an affiliate programme functions.


If you’re someone who’s up with the mobile times, then you probably have an app that goes with your content, which is smart because every mobile user has and uses apps. Kiip has over 1,500 apps, and their apps allow users to receive rewards and coupons. You set the conditions for how your users get rewards, and with your readers receiving these kinds of deals, they’re sure to come back to your app to receive more.


If your content consists of video, then Rhythm might be the way to go. They’re all about linking brand advertisers with engaged mobile audiences, and they’re at the top when it comes to mobile video leaders. Some of their advertising options include interactive expandable in-banner video, tap-to video, interactive end cards and full page ads.

 Millennial Media

Company mMedia, also known as Millennial Media, is another company about apps. It helps you monetise your apps through in-app advertising and its SKDs allow you to advertise through banner ads, media and video. MMedia works for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7 and other key mobile platforms.

By using these instruments, you can better monetise your mobile visitors and continue making money while pleasing readers with engaging content.