Clickky, a global mobile app marketing platform focused on user acquisition and traffic monetization, announces the start of a special offering for newly signed up app developers who use AppsFlyer for their tracking and analytics solution. AppsFlyer’s holistic approach allows developers to track and accurately measure all metrics such as installs, post-install attribution, engagement, retention, return on investment and lifetime value.

Clickky is constantly improving the monetization solutions that are provided to developers. The new partnership between AppsFlyer – a leading mobile app tracking platform – and Clickky, is certain to bring a much added value to developers looking to monetize their traffic, acquire loyal users and measure campaigns effectiveness.

And so, Clickky is exclusively offering a $100 credit for new developers who sign up. The Clickky platform comprises all the standard monetization tools and creates engaging ad formats including banners, interstitials, offerwalls, appwalls and video ads.

Clickky’s comprehensive monetization tools allow developers to:

Launch ad campaigns and simply buy on a CPI
Precisely target ads to reach your exact audience
Monetize and engage users during any phase in the app
Measure and optimize ad performance

To sign up with Clickky to get $100 credit, please follow this link: and type in promocode CLICKKY-APPSFLYER.