With the release of Mavericks OS X, Apple’s latest operating system for its Mac range of hardware, marketers now have access to a new method of consumer engagement.

Roost, which already helps marketers utilise iOS push messaging in advertising campaigns, is one of the first companies to announce support for the new notifications found in Mavericks OS X.

Safari Push Notifications aren’t too different to their iOS sibling. They let advertisers send notifications to their website users that appear on their desktop, even when Safari isn’t running.

Remarketing benefit

The notifications could prove beneficial to marketers as an engagement opportunity for tasks such as remarketing because they appear right on a user’s desktop. Messages can be customised with the website icon and text to entice potential customers to click.

An analytics dashboard that measures user engagement across a number of metrics is all part of Roost’s free service. It has also recently announced a push notification plugin for WordPress.

Apple may be first out of the box with its Safari Push technology, but Roost’s chief technology officer, Casey Haakenson, doesn’t think its competitors in the browser space will be too far behind.

“The release of Safari Push is a game-changer in the web push world,” Haakenson said. “Apple will lead the way and all other browsers will follow suit in the coming years. Web engagement will never be the same.”

Roost is currently available in 17 languages and already has end users in 69 countries.