Email Monks has released an infographic detailing the top performing sectors, prime reasons for, and pitfalls and challenges of triggered email campaigns.

The India-based email marketing company’s illustration provides a checklist to take into consideration while planning for a triggered email programme.

Triggered emails, whereby a company sends an email to its contacts/leads to help facilitate or follow up on an action taken by the user on the website, are a common form of performance marketing.

Senior accounts manager at Email Monks, Ravi Shah, said: “This infographic delineates some of the most staggering triggered email stats, benefits and challenges of using triggered campaigns, various types of automated workflows and the future of triggered emails.”

From cart abandonment, re-engagement and lead nurturing emails, to customer satisfaction and welcome emails, Email Monks’ infographic details many automated workflows,and highlights challenges such as managing and syncing data from multiple sources. (Click below to zoom)