Geneva Digital Group have launched a new complete e-commerce solution to help online retailers deal with the growing number of mobile shoppers.

Britain has been at the forefront of European mobile commerce, or m-commerce, since at least 2010 and it now accounts for more than 40% of traffic and 17% of all online sales.

Meanwhile, tablets recently exceeded traditional desktop devices for online conversion rates for the first time ever, but a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that only 8% of the top 50 UK retailers have a website optimised for tablets like the iPad or Sony Xperia.

Geneva, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, have created a forward-thinking solution to tackle these trends, following a sizeable six-figure investment and 12 months hard work under the guidance of online conversion expert Tom Fotheringham and leading UX designer Geoff Biskupek.

Tom, former head of marketing at Tombola Bingo, said: “When people hear the term ‘mobile’ they tend to think of phones, but online retailers also need to consider other portable devices.

“Businesses will be left behind if they do not have a good mobile strategy in place, especially as smart phone and tablet sales continue to rocket.

“Their products must be readily available whenever and wherever the customer wants them, so our team have developed an e-commerce software platform to do just that.

“Geneva have handpicked the best available features and solved some of the most common issues, in order to offer clients a complete and affordable solution.”

The software, called G-Commerce, is fully responsive and automatically adapts to the customer’s device and browser of choice to ensure optimal viewing and a positive user experience.

Other features include a simple-to-use Content Management System (CMS) with automated emails, customer accounts, stock management and a batch product uploader, to ensure retailers can easily manage their online store.

Tom added: “Most businesses do not have the time, resources or money to develop an app for their online store, and separate mobile websites are not good for Google rankings.

“Our software can future-proof any online store, but is much more suitable and affordable for businesses looking to the future.

“We have already received some great feedback about the software and we definitely feel it will allow us to disrupt the rapidly expanding e-commerce sector.”

For more information or to book a software demo of Geneva’s G-Commerce platform visit