Retailers will be relieved to learn that British consumers are set to spend the same, or more than last Christmas, according to social enterprise Give as you Live.

Christmas gift expenditure will reach an average of £289 this year. Adults between the ages of 34 and 45 are favourites to spend the most, with an average outlay of £343.65.

The news corroborates research by other companies that this Christmas could be an improvement for retailers, compared to previous years. That being said, the days when most people do their shopping might surprise a few too.

Young adults are predicted to spend the least and Give as you Live’s research found the same 16-24 age group will spend an average of £181.80. Interestingly, 83% of these say they will spend the same or more, which was more than any other age demographic.

Londoners will Spend Least

In a chart of the regions and their prospective average spend, collated by the online fundraising platform, London was placed in 11th place with only £259. The low total was beaten by all the other regions in the UK.

Northern Ireland’s £384 is the highest expected average spend in Britain. The north east and north west of England follow the Irish, although not too closely, with gross average purchases of £365 and £297 respectively.

As for the battle of the genders, it is the women who are outspending the men. The average UK female is expected to rack up £294.75 of Christmas purchases, whereas her male counterpart will blow £281.17.