There are just a couple of days left for members of the forward thinking and proactive US organisation, the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), to cast their vote on who will join the board in 2014.

The 2008-founded PMA, which is not-for-profit trade association, was created by leaders within the performance marketing world and aims to raise the profile of the thriving industry.

Rebecca Madigan is the PMA executive director, the CEO of ShareASale, Brian Littleton, is the board president and other high ranking industry figures on the board include the CEO of HasOffers¸ Peter Hamilton; founder and MD of Acceleration Partners, Robert Glazer; CEO of VigLink, Oliver Roup – and many more.

In terms of the structure of the well-known association, board member terms are two years, and board members serve up to three consecutive terms. ‘Industry champion level’ members have five seats; ‘corporate level’ members have four seats and the elected board then chooses two at-large members.

For 2014 a total of  three new board seats have opened up – one at industry champion level and two at corporate level. We have listed nominees who are in the running to join the PMA board of directors, below:

Industry champion candidates  – members will vote for one candidate:

Bruce Cook

SVP Business Development, LendingTree (advertiser)

Brand marketers know that digital is important. They also have had a difficult time utilising the power of digital to drive brand-based marketing business outcomes.

Increasingly, brands will invest in performance marketing and performance marketing will continue to dominate the online ad-spend model. Lead quality and compliance will continue to take centre stage. As brands continue to invest their marketing dollars in performance marketing, they will place increasing pressure on performance marketers to achieve their investment goals.

To be successful, digital performance marketing can no longer exist in a silo as brands continue to shift to the digital world. As digital rises in importance, marketing budgets are increasing, but fragmentation, confusion, and frustration are as well. So while we might celebrate increasing digital budgets, the advancement of our industry, and acknowledgement of its importance, we still must address significant, un-met needs among brand marketers if we are to make these investments successful.

Having spent many years within the massive scale DM engine LowerMyBills / Experian and the last several years responsible for performance marketing for a highly recognised consumer brand, LendingTree, I believe I can bring to the PMA, valuable insight into the brand advertiser as they bridge both classical and digital marketing. My experience in corporate and business development within these offline and online advertising ecosystems should serve the PMA membership and organisation well.


Angel Djambazov

Owner, Custom Tailored Marketing (agency/OPM)

Beyond the so-called Amazon laws I think that the challenges our industry faces are ever diversifying. To continue to enjoy the growth we have seen the industry, and thus the PMA, must evolve to meet those challenges. I’ve been working in support of various PMA actions through articles and speeches at non-industry events. I would now welcome the challenge of working as part of the board of directors to help guide the PMA.


Rachel Honoway

CEO, ForMeToCoupon (solution provider)

I will work alongside the current board to raise awareness of the positive force of performance marketing, advocate for fairness in affiliate-merchant-network relationships and continue building the momentum for the PMA to become the strong foundation supporting this growing industry.


Michael Jones

Head of Affiliate, eBay Enterprise (network)

I have 15 years of industry experience in affiliate marketing. As the Head of eBay’s commercial affiliate practice I have access to large scale performance marketing resources for one of the largest brands in the world. By working on the board of the PMA I can help to further the issues that drive the performance marketing industry forward.

Corporate candidates – members will vote for two candidates:

Tom Caporaso

CEO, Clarus Marketing Group (publisher)

I have spent my whole career in the performance marketing industry. The last four years at Clarus Marketing Group, growing our brand as well as expanding our subscription marketing capabilities. I was at the forefront of the affiliate battle in CT and held them off for two years until it was pushed through last year. That battle helped me understand the ripple effect of needless legislation and why we need a powerful voice in an organisation like the PMA. I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the PMA Board as they set the path for the performance marketing industry.


Todd Crawford

Co-founder, Impact Radius (solution provider)

Todd is a co-founder of Impact Radius and vice president, strategic initiatives. He has been instrumental in forging and managing relationships with many of the company’s flagship advertisers, agencies, and media partners. Todd evangelizes a multi-channel approach to the performance model, and is a frequent speaker at key industry events, including: Affiliate Summit, Affiliate Management Days, a4uexpo and Performance Marketing Insights.

Previously, Todd was VP Business Development at Digital River’s affiliate network, OneNetworkDirect, where he guided strategic initiatives and industry relations. In the late 1990’s, Todd helped birth the modern affiliate marketing industry as co-founder and VP Business Development of Commission Junction. Todd won the 2007 Affiliate Marketing Legend award.

Todd has strong relationships with leading advertisers, agencies and publishers and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within our industry.


​Greg Hoffman

CEO, Greg Hoffman Consulting (agency/OPM)

I have supported the PMA for the last several years and firmly believe in the cause. In 2012 I was the only one in the state of Georgia to testify against the nexus tax. There were 40 sets of evil eyes focused on the back of my head that day for the hearing. I want to help make a difference in this industry for merchants and affiliates.


Tricia Meyer

CEO, Sunshine Rewards (publisher)

Since I started in affiliate marketing, I have tried to be an advocate for education, fairness, and transparency. Working with over 90 different networks over the last eight years has given me an opportunity to see both the good and the bad in our industry. Owning both a rewards/coupon site plus niche sites has allowed me the opportunity to work with over 1,000 merchants and to get to know many different people as well as business models.

I have written and spoken on everything from the FTC Disclosure Guidelines to Women in Advertising. I have been active in the tax fight in Indiana, lobbying my representatives and mobilising others in the state. Using my background as a lawyer I enjoy being a resource to my colleagues to put into plain English the issues that we face.

A long-standing member of the PMA, I have participated actively in the PMA Offers & Rewards Council and have recently begun work with the Publisher Recruitment Council as well. Serving on the PMA councils and Board is important to me because as our industry grows so does the need for cooperation across both individuals and companies. In addition, I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of the organisation and the positive ways that it can protect and advance performance marketing as a legitimate enterprise.

I have a genuine passion for affiliate marketing and can guarantee that I will take that same energy and use it to better our industry through the PMA.


Jennifer Myers Ward

CEO, ebove & beyond, inc (agency/OPM)

I have been in the online marketing industry for almost 20 years now, starting with my days at Amazon in the UK. We have seen a lot of shifts, changes in legislation and even new mediums (social and mobile).

I am very passionate about our industry in terms of best practices, standards, measuring results, etc. I believe my experience could really add some value to the board as we continue to grow in the years to come.


Tony Pantano

CEO, Imwave, Inc. (publisher)

Current PMA Board Member; Current PMA Board Treasurer

Having been involved with the performance marketing industry for several years, this has provided me with insight into the unique challenges we face as business people and as an industry in general.

12 years experience serving on several charity/non-profit boards over the last 12 years, also gives me insight into how a governing board can approach and solve the issues it faces.


Lisa Picarille

Online Marketing Strategist, (consultant)

I have a single goal – to grow the overall performance marketing industry through advocacy, education, self regulation and promotion. My  five plus years working behind the scenes at the PMA (including a seat on the Formation Board of Directors), makes me uniquely qualified to help drive the direction of the organisation and work in conjunction with fellow officers and industry leaders. In addition, my experience and relationships with industry constituents (networks, agencies, merchants, publishers and service providers) gives me a big picture view on all online marketing disciplines and how they interact/impact performance marketing. I want the world to know the proven value of the performance marketing model and I will work tirelessly to insure that goal is achieved. I’m all about facilitating innovation, information, interest and income for the industry. Thank you for your consideration.


Benjamin Pomerantz

Mobile Performance Specialist, Pocket Media (agency/OPM)

As an expert in performance-based advertising and founder of Pocket Media, I am always looking for that gap in the market invisible for others. Our focus at Pocket Media is to create order in the chaos called mobile advertising. Since the entire performance marketing space is faced with challenges brought to us by fraud, we made it our job to create more transparency in the industry. Being a true entrepreneur, I have the ambition to hand over my experience and knowledge to build a performance marketing environment with growing opportunities. With a great passion for the performance-based industry, I would welcome the chance of becoming part of the PMA Board.


Nicky Senyard

Co-founder and President, ShareResults (agency/OPM)

Nicky Senyard is the co-founder and president of Share Results, a Canada-based online marketing company specialising in affiliate marketing since 2004. ShareResults provides an affiliate marketing software platform for businesses in need of customisable affiliate programs and networks. The company also operates their proprietary affiliate network with over 22,000 affiliates, and provides affiliate marketing and digital marketing services to online retail businesses. A successful entrepreneur with a background in public relations, Nicky is a highly sought after speaker and service provider in the affiliate marketing industry. She has successfully grown Share Results from a boutique agency to a well-known company that has worked with high profile clients like Scotiabank, The Bay, Lasik MD, GlassesUSA, FashionToFigure, Photobucket, and eLearners.


Greg Shepard

Founder and CEO, Affiliate Traction (agency/OPM)

My experience goes back well over a decade, as the founder of the first agency, first multi-national agency and the largest affiliate marketing agency. I have build, merchants, publishers, SaaS and the agency and I think I have a broad prospective that can be of service; with many connections and a drive to raise funds and new ideas for growing the base of members I would like to offer my time.

I have contributed to Revenue Magazine, ReveNews, DMNews, DMConfidential, ThoughtShapers, MThink, PerformanceIN, and the American Marketing Association. Greg has spoken at the University of Southeastern Louisiana, Performance Marketing Insights, The Online Marketing Summit, Affiliate Management Days, Affiliate Summit, AvantExpo and contributed to WebMasterRadio; and serves as a WebAward judge.


Franklin A. Ross

Co-founder, (network)

The PMA is an organisation that is here to protect and guide the performance marketing industry. It is with this in mind that I would like to lend a hand to the PMA. The PMA needs strong leadership that comes from a diverse group of members.

Our focus at FinServ Media LLC ( is performance marketing for financial services (this does not include payday). We see very stringent compliance issues in our particular niche and I believe that my addition to the board will help to make sure that the PMA can give the appropriate guidance to our members on working with financial institutions.

As well as being in a particular niche, we are an affiliate network and deal with the dynamics of the publisher to network to advertiser relationship. We have knowledge of this complex relationship and believe that developing best practices and guidelines will help to foster a clearer and deeper relationship between networks, affiliates, and advertiser.

If I’m elected to the PMA board of directors, I will work diligently to provide my experience and best judgement. My goal as a board member will be to deliver guidance to our members and clarity to our industry.


Peter Wilson

CEO, Lashback (solution provider)

My name is Peter Wilson and I would appreciate your vote for me as an addition to the PMA board. I believe that I would bring a unique perspective, a strong network of relationships, and a passion for raising the bar in the performance marketing industry. I have been involved in the industry for more than a decade as an advisor, CEO, board member and speaker. As a managing director and group head in KPMG’s investment banking practice, I advised the founders of companies including Webclients, MediaWhiz, and NeverBlue. I left investment banking in 2010 to work on the turnaround of an ad network and data business and, since July 2012, I have been the CEO of LashBack. Our focus is leveraging data and technology to provide critical compliance and marketing intelligence to clients including Publishers Clearing House, MediaWhiz, and Premier Bankcard. I have been an active member of the PMA’s Email and Compliance Councils and I am a member of the Online Trust Alliance, the Executive Council of Performance Marketing, and the Young Presidents Organisation, and a former Board Member of the Philadelphia Boys & Girls Clubs. I spoke about email compliance and deliverability at the most recent Affiliate Summit and I have a good working relationship with the PMA leadership. I’d like to help the PMA and the industry overall to realise its full potential. I hope you will consider voting for me.

The member voting period closes on November 14, 2013