Belboon, a performance marketing network focusing on the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region, has announced a trio of new features for its users that includes cookieless tracking.

With Google making noises about alternatives to the traditional cookie, networks are looking at trying to minimise their reliance on the technology to track consumers’ use of publishers before making a purchase.

Belboon has outed its own method, Digital Fingerprint Tracking. The technology secures the business transactions or events of publishers in the event of third-party cookies being disabled by default.

Mobile Inspiration

Details are scarce, but Dirk Kraus, CEO of Belboon, claims it is a similar workaround to the one adopted by smartphone and tablet websites.  “Now that fingerprinting for mobile sites is already the preferred tracking method, we aim to provide our publishers with the same advantage online,” he said.

In addition, advertisers now have the chance to use container tags for retargeting. It means clients using Belboon’s system can integrate different publishers without having to create additional tracking codes.

Finally, Belboon has refreshed its Smartfeed tool. Cashback and loyalty publishers can import transactions for analysis on the network at a later date. With the help of a new API,  much of the process can be automated and search queries are performed faster.