Netherlands-based Daisycon has released a new feature for users of its performance marketing network that it hopes will put a stop to the emerging virality of online coupon codes.

In a move that is said to be a first for the Dutch performance industry, Dedicated Promotion Codes, the new feature from Daisycon, gives advertisers the option to generate completely unique codes that are directly linked to an individual publisher’s website.

CEO of Daisycon, Marko Dobroschelski, wants to alleviate any fears an advertiser might have about its codes being used elsewhere and skewing pre-defined campaign objectives.

“Advertisers use promotion codes to boost their sales, but they also want to know exactly what happens with their promotion code after it has been issued,” Dobroschelski said. “They need the right publisher(s) to use their codes, in accordance to their marketing goals and target audience.”

The Social Codes Concern

Daisycon wants to make it easier for advertisers to limit the spread of promotion codes, as some publishers are becoming reliant on what is now being referred to as social codes for search traffic. It has become such a concern that RetailMeNot felt it necessary to mention user-generated codes in its latest financial results.

With Dedicated Promotion Codes, an advertiser can keep a close eye on how their promotional code is being used by the publisher it has been assigned to. It is also possible to restrict a code to a group of relevant publishers, effectively excluding those you don’t want to have access.

Unique codes have the advantage of dissuading other publishers from using them. It simply isn’t profitable, from a sales perspective, to use codes that have been specifically attributed to a competitor.

The codes, which work both offline and online, are one of a slew of new features to be released by Daisycon that includes WordPress plugins and comparison tools for mobile that scour ski trips and health insurance.