Ideal Shopping Direct, broadcast to more than 23 million households in the UK via its television shopping channels Ideal World, Ideal Extra, Create and Craft and The Deal Channel. Each channel is supported by a transactional website which also streams the TV broadcast.

The marketing team wanted a quicker way to test new vendors for their digital properties. They were also looking to replace their legacy analytics reporting system, Coremetrics.

The issue was that all third-party tags were required to fit into a fortnightly release cycle. This meant having to justify using substantial internal development resources and time. Combined with initial set up and testing time, the marketing team had to wait for as long as 30 days before going live with a new vendor.

How did TagMan solve it?

By using TagMan, Ideal Shopping’s marketing team were able to reduce the reliance on their development team and deploy and test new vendors swiftly and easily. These included CrazyEgg, Skyglue, Mouseflow, Google Remarketing, Affiliate Window, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.  TagMan also helped replace Coremetrics and integrated Tealeaf with no disruption to the on-going reporting.

“Tagman has enabled us to use Tealeaf more effectively as we can use it to create custom events based on the code that is created on the Webpages. It would have been impossible to recreate our Tealeaf Events system without TagMan as the data would not have been there for us to use” said Sam Greenwood, Web Analyst at Ideal Shopping Direct.

What were the results?

By allowing Ideal Shopping to integrate the new vendors, TagMan helped increase the visibility of their website performance from an analytical standpoint. Ideal Shopping are now able to easily deploy features such as heatmaps, mouse-movement recordings and automated event tracking.

“By simplifying the process of tag integration, TagMan has helped us to identify and remedy gaps in the user experience and general faults with our existing website design. The changes have resulted in our websites converting 15% better than before,” said Greenwood.

By integrating TagMan, Ideal Shopping Direct has also seen a cost saving of nearly six figures through streamlining its analytics and site tracking.