Rakuten LinkShare has today announced ‘strong’ third-quarter sales in its global performance marketing network.

Along with double-digit growth, the affiliate network reported a significant increase in the percentage of sales transacted on mobile devices.

In a statement from the company, it said highlights of the quarter include an increase in same store sales in the US, by 22% year-on-year (YOY). It also noted an increase in same store sales in the UK, by 34% YOY.

Chief executive officer of Rakuten LinkShare, Yaz Iida, said: “We’re proud of the accomplishments we’ve been able to achieve this quarter and will continue to grow our network and strengthen our portfolio of performance marketing technology tools and services.

“As we enter the busy holiday season, Rakuten LinkShare is well positioned to drive successful campaigns on laptops and mobile devices for our global community of advertisers and publishers.”

Rakuten LinkShare also reported Q3 mobile orders were up 146% YOY. More specifically, tablet orders increased 120% and mobile orders increased 230% YOY.

The strongest growth categories for mobile were department stores, with order share up 95% YOY, apparel with mobile order share up was 54% YOY, and high-end luxury with mobile order share was up 31% YOY.