Ahead of her session at Performance Marketing Insights: London, we caught up with Hannah Swift, founder of Bright Digital Minds.

On day two, Swift, who oversees the development of a variety of affiliate programmes including leading high street brands and major B2B corporations, will be sharing her ’10 Free Tools For Sourcing and Managing Affiliates’ – so if you are under pressure to grow your affiliates or get them ‘doing more’ with little budget to spend, this is a must see session for you!

Q: What happens in a typical day in the working life of Hannah Swift?

Hannah Swift: I’m usually in the office at some unearthly hour, checking emails and waiting for the team to arrive. Once they arrive it’s all hands on deck creating strategies for our clients that are creative, and deliver results. You’ll usually catch me eating sweets and biscuits throughout the day as the office seems to be filled with them! A quick lunch followed by more of the same, and then its home time (at another unearthly hour). No two days are the same for me, dealing with clients, staff training and moving the business forward means I am always busy!

Q: How would you sum up Bright Digital Minds and what presence does the business have globally?

HS: I’m biased, but I think we are great! We have a different approach to a lot of other agencies and in-house teams, in that we look at attribution, incentive and voucher use and different types of campaign, measure it, analyse it – then more importantly, give our clients the honest truth. We take each campaign and manage it on its own merits and objectives, no key fits every lock. I also think our dedication to education is key, as we run many local and national free events in digital marketing, to share our expertise.

Globally, we are still small as we have only been running two years, although we do deliver some fantastic international campaigns, we are not at office levels just yet – maybe next year 😉

Q: Have you attended PMI before and what are you expectations?

HS: I have attended a few times both in the UK and in Amsterdam (where I spoke on creative content). I’m really looking forward to seeing what the PMI team have done with the event and also getting the opportunity to see lots of the other agencies and networks to share experiences. Of course I am most excited about seeing some current and potential new affiliates. The free pens are also very handy!

Q: How are you feeling ahead of speaking at the event?

HS: I’m really excited! As I mentioned earlier, I am dedicated to sharing my expertise and to helping others find their feet. So, by sharing my ammo of free tools, I hope that I inspire the next generation of digital marketers.

Q: What are your ‘must attend sessions’ and why?

HS: I’m really looking forward to seeing:

  • The 5 Forgotten Rules of Conversion Rate Optimisation – key for everyone to be at, from affiliate to merchant, I am sure we can all learn a lot here.
  • Local Market Roundtables – Hopefully some great top tips for international campaign management
  • How Does the Affiliate Channel sit Effectively with Media Planning? – I’m interested to hear other perspectives on this
  • Has Affiliate Marketing Lost its Identity? – This is my MUST SEE session, led by industry icons, it should be a great debate with lots of juicy tit bits
  • Power Panel: Behind the Scenes of Performance Marketing – Interested to see what actually happens day-to-day
  • The Rise of the Affiliate Brand – This will be a great session for affiliates and merchants

Q: What would you say to someone who is teetering on the edge of whether or not to attend the event for the first time?

HS: Honestly, I would say have a good look at the agenda, the people exhibiting and the parties. If you can plan some full days of networking and learning, then you really will get a lot from the event. It’s like everything performance related – the more you put in, the more you will get out!