Card-linked marketing is deemed a suitable replacement for other performance marketing strategies such as email offers, coupons and other forms of traditional marketing – according to advertising and technology company Cardlytics.

The Atlanta-headquartered firm, which also has offices in London and San Francisco, has announced the findings of its 2013 State of Card-Linked Marketing (CLM) study.

The results showed that three out of four marketers found CLM a suitable replacement for traditional marketing strategies including email offers (48%), coupons (48%), newspaper advertising (30%), online search advertising (29%) and TV advertising (24%).

The survey, which was fielded among 300 marketing professionals in October, was aimed at determining marketers’ attitudes towards CLM.

Personalised Ads Based On Purchase History

CLM involves specialist technology that enables banks to leverage consumer purchase data; which is then used by advertisers to offer consumers personalised ads based on past purchases.

The study also showed that 87% of marketers say there are benefits to CLM – of which 49% agreed CLM offers better ability to reach loyal customers.

A total of 47% said it would help consumers save money, 45% said it provides the ability to target offers based on consumer purchase history, and 43% said it would result in increased sales for retailers.

Other benefits included better ability to target new customers, improved customer satisfaction due to more relevant ads, and precise measurement of marketing campaign results.

Senior vice president of marketing at Cardlytics, Kasey Byrne, said: “Marketers value the information they believe can be obtained through Card-Linked Marketing.

“The results of this study demonstrate that marketing professionals see Card-Linked Marketing as a valuable tool.”

Christmas & Groceries

Marketing professionals also agreed CLM is most effective at certain times of the year such as at Christmas (66%), during the back-to-school shopping season (57%), during annual sales (37%) and before payday (32%).

Additionally, 93% of marketers said there are important products and services that consumers would use CLM deals on more frequently, such as groceries (74%), gas/convenience (71%), restaurants (66%), apparel (53%) and movies/entertainment (53%).

Cardlytics also asked marketers what information about consumers would be useful for them to develop strong marketing campaigns and the top response (67%), was ‘consumer spending trends’ (yearly, monthly, or day-to-day).

When asked what information could be best obtained through card-linked marketing, while 64% said they were most hungry to again, know about consumer spending trends, 56% wanted to know where people shop during certain times of the year and 40% wanted to know where consumers shop after they have shopped with their company.


For more on what Cardlytics are up to, check out the company’s director of sales, Daniel Reilly, when he speaks at next weeks PMI London event.