Performance Marketing Insights: London is less than two weeks away and in the build up to the event we will be introducing some of the speakers hosting sessions in London, starting with Mark Emmett, CIO, ResponseTap.

You can catch Mark’s session ‘The Multi-Device Multi-Channel Customer: What Does The Data Say?’ on Day 2 of Performance Marketing Insights: London.

For those who may not know, can you explain what ResponseTap does and what international presence it has?

Mark Emmett: We are the link that joins up on and offline customer journeys, providing a unified view across these channels helping marketers improve their ROI.

65% of businesses consider a phone call their highest quality lead source. Yet, marketers are typically ‘flying blind’ when it comes to understanding their phone sales. We offer call analytics for marketers to solve this problem, helping them understand the sales paths their customers take by linking phone calls to online journeys for every website visitor.

Which search keyword did they originally enter? Which offer on your website was the clincher? Are phone sales worth more to you than web sales? We can help make sense of this.

What are you core responsibilities in your role as CIO?

ME: We handle more than one million calls a month, which generates a huge amount of data and my responsibilities fall into three main areas. I help our customers get more out of their data, help them attribute where they are getting leads from and connecting up the on and offline journeys of their customers. I also use this data to further enhance and perfect our product offering, developing new products in the process. Lastly, I leverage the data for marketing activities as there are some fascinating points of interest I see on a day-to-day basis.

You were previously head of analytics and relationship marketing at, what is your most valuable takeaway from this role, that helps you in your current position?

ME: Using data intelligently to prove ROI. I was part of the new management team brought in when the company moved to PLC status. This meant I had to ensure the business had the structure and skills to continue delivering a high return to its shareholders. I had to achieve the best ROI for the company’s marketing budget, which I did using data science to put insight and intelligence at the core of our marketing strategies and business decisions.

Are you a multi-device, multichannel customer yourself and if so what are you electronics of choice!?

ME: Yes I am all of the above! I own and iPhone, iPad and laptop and use multi-channels when I shop. I’m a big fan of both Sonos and Spotify for my music and also own a Sony PS3. Having said that, I’m going to defect to Microsoft and buy an Xbox One, when they’re released, and intend to use it as my home media hub. It’s startling to witness the proliferation of connected devices within the home today compared with only a few years ago but some are better than others. Personally, I get annoyed when my experience is poor on one device compared to another; I expect them all to be able to function, no matter which device I have to hand.

What particular session at PMI London are you looking forward to and why?

ME: I’m really looking forward to the “Power Panel: Behind the Scenes of Performance Marketing” session on Tuesday. I’m interested in what the future holds for performance marketing and how our services can fit in, we launch our rtap-performance product in the very near future and it’s specifically designed for this marketplace.