From phablets and smartphones to wearables and smart televisions, consumers have so many more options for internet-enabled devices than they did five years ago.

Despite today’s choice, new research from Vibrant Media revealed that the majority of smartphone users (81%) and tablet users (71%) still prefer their desktop or laptop machine as a way of consuming content.

Additionally, Vibrant’s data shows that 72% of consumers expect the same quality of content experience across all their digital devices, a trend likely brought about by the number of websites supporting responsive design.

Resizable Ads

Advert placements can be the last thing publishers consider when expanding a site’s support for different devices, but Tom Pepper, managing director UK of Vibrant Media, believes it needs to be factored in too.

“Publishers just need to ensure that the editorial of their web sites renders effectively on handheld devices and start replacing desktop-only ad formats with much nimbler ads which work across desktops, laptops, tablets and the small screen format of smartphones,” Pepper said.

Vibrant has put together an infographic with more of its insights, which can be seen below.