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Unique 'Taste Test' Tool and Huge Range Adds Value for Affiliates
Image Credit  Morrisons Cellar

Unique 'Taste Test' Tool and Huge Range Adds Value for Affiliates


Morrisons Cellar talk about why being a new brand in the affiliate space enables them to offer maximum flexibility, their unique 'Taste Test' tool and how the programme will grow over the coming peak trading period.

Name: Morrisons Cellar

Contact: Amy Lucas


Tell us about Morrisons Cellar…

Morrisons Cellar is the new unique wine offering from Morrisons. It is their first fully transactional website having launched in November 2012. They offer over 1,000 wines, double the range they carry in stores! They also have the ‘Taste Test’ - 3 simple questions that help to profile your taste buds into 4 groups and make recommendations based on your answers, a tool unique to Morrisons Cellar.

How is Morrisons Cellar unique to other wine merchants?

Morrisons Cellar echo customer quality and satisfaction across their site and through each stage of their users purchase journey. They offer FREE DELIVERY on ALL UK Mainland Orders, along with a no quibble service – 100% customer satisfaction. They also give their customers a variety of ways in which to order their wine:

·         In cases of 6 or 12

·         A pre mixed selection

·         ‘create your own 6 or 12 bottle cases’

·         And coming soon  - single premium bottle ordering

What are the key benefits in joining the Morrisons Cellar Programme with Tradedoubler?

Morrisons Cellar has the advantage of being a new brand in the affiliate space and therefore is very flexible on what they can offer. With a standard 4% commission rate and generic vouchercodes available they go even further and are able to distribute bespoke vouchercodes, creative and content. They have a vast feed with their 1000 strong product range and are pushing 11% conversion rates and an AOV of £78.00 across the programme. It really is the best time to join as we move into Q4 and Christmas and see these statistics continue to rise.

Where do you see the brand and programme going in the next 6 months?

Morrisons Cellar is looking to grow substantially over the coming months as they move into peak trading period. The overall aim is to become a market leader in the Wine delivery category, by delivering and building on the same top quality service they offer in their stores, through the digital channel. They see the affiliate channel being a huge part of that success so invite you all to contact us to start promoting this household brand.

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