Companies are jumping at the chance to prove or disprove what is being held by up by brick and mortar shops as the main culprit for the deterioration of the traditional high street retail model.

Mobile marketer, Vibes, is the latest to produce research into showrooming. Its data offers a slightly different twist, claiming that personalisation could be the answer to those retailers clamouring to turn around dwindling revenue.

The 2013 Mobile Consumer Report reveals how 23% have purchased a product from a competitor in-store, a big increase on Verdict’s similar findings of only 2%, although its UK dataset versus Vibes US respondents does skew an accurate like-for-like comparison.

Arming Yourself With Data

Personalisation, according to Vibes, is a retailer’s new weapon against the rising tide of showrooming. Its report says that 89% would sign up for mobile messages if they were personalised and 18% frequently see them from brands and retailers already.

Consumers who have made a purchase based on an in-store text message or QR code scan have tripled since last year and as more retailers develop GPS-based apps and use push notifications, this number will surely grow again.

Sift through more of Vibes’ showrooming and personalisation facts in the infographic embedded below.