With less than eight months’ experience as a Marketing Executive for Webgains, I’m ideally placed to take full advantage of everything that Performance Marketing Insights: London has to offer. With a foundation of knowledge to build on, I’m keen to learn about performance marketing in more detail and meet the people involved. Fortunately for those that work in the industry, knowledge is passed on generously, and the bursary is the perfect example of this.

When I first heard about the scheme, it struck me as the ideal opportunity to dive in and get involved. Tickets to these events are usually reserved for those that are client facing, so as someone who isn’t, it’s a refreshing chance to meet some of the advertisers and publishers in person and learn about the role of agencies. I see the event as a blank canvas; with the freedom to explore both days’ offerings without any commitments, I can sketch out my own agenda and focus on what I want to achieve from being there.

As well as its educational value, the bursary has a number of benefits that will help me develop. Working in the Communications team, I have responsibility for media relations, and so meeting new people, making new contacts and maintaining visibility are all vital parts of my job. I’m looking forward to spending time engaging with some of the industry’s innovators and it’s true to say I’m excited about the Official PMI London Party!

Industry Expertise

On a full pass I’ll be able to attend speaker sessions which are without doubt one of the biggest draws for me. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and put faces to some of the industry’s most familiar names. It’s also a chance for me to make up my own mind, building on what I know to come to my own conclusion. Just browsing the vast number of guest posts on the PerformanceIN site gives you a good idea about the level of skill and expertise contained within our industry, which is a great asset to audiences at events like these.

I’m particularly keen to see Tuesday’s panel session, Has Affiliate Marketing Lost its Identity?, moderated by Duncan Popham. When I discuss the intricacies of performance marketing with the media, the ever shifting landscape can pose something of a challenge. With the shift from affiliate to performance having solidified in the last year, I think it’s important to sit back and take stock of what affiliate marketing now means, especially if we want to maintain its accessibility to new stakeholders. Webgains’ own speaker session, A Light-Hearted Look at the RFP also features on the first day, and is a great opportunity to see the team speak for myself.

On day two meanwhile, Power Panel: Behind the Scenes of Performance Marketing will give me a chance to hear from a wide range of industry leaders, including those at other networks, about the future of performance marketing. With issues such as attribution, compliance and overreliance upon so-called ‘super affiliates’ cropping up time and time again, it’ll be good to hear how these experts predict the industry will develop a few years down the line.

Attending Performance Marketing Insights: London on a bursary will arm me with the knowledge and experience I need to support myself in my future development. With only three weeks to go, it’s time I started planning my visit to ensure I fit everything in!