Performance Marketing Insights: London attendees will have the chance to see Director of Brand, Marketing and Culture for London Olympics and Paralympics, Greg Nugent, talk about his role during last year’s games.

PerformanceIN spoke to Greg about his experience of managing the entire marketing output for the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

What were your first thoughts after being appointed into the role?

​Greg Nugent: More excitement than anything. Obviously you knew that it was something that would come with a lot of work, complexity and scrutiny, but the overriding emotional feeling at the time was excitement. A chance to play a key part in something as important as the Olympics and Paralympics, it was impossible to say no!

How would you describe the scale of what you had to achieve?

GN: I appreciate the scale more now than I did then. At the time we were just in delivery mode; from deadline to deadline and deliverable to deliverable. We just knew that if we could plan well, put the customer at the heart of what we were doing, and execute brilliantly, then the public would fall in love with the Games. So at the time it was what we did, but now when I hear the stories of the way that the public joined in I get a real sense of the occasion that we built.

Can you tell us your most rewarding moment?

GN: The Games Makers were extraordinary. Seeing them all wear their uniforms to work on the first Monday after the Games was fantastic. We asked the country to say thank you and they did in their millions. That was one of the few last minute ideas we had, but with just three days to go it just took off.

How about your biggest learning experience?

GN: Whatever you are doing, however big or small, the sense of building a campaign is much more important and effective than just having a marketing, communications or digital plan. Too many people work in silos and it would have been easy for us to fall for that given the size of the task and its complexity. We integrated the whole thing into one conversation and that it was pretty hard to lose that habit!

What one thing would you have liked to do better if you did it all again?

GN: I wouldn’t change much, but if we were Rio I would be looking at how you can go further with data to build even stronger relationships than ever. More big data than CRM.

How would you sum up your overall experience being a director at LOCOG?

GN: Hard work, but an honour.

Greg will be speaking on the second day of Performance Marketing Insights: London. Catch his keynote session at 14.00, immediately after the lunch and networking session.