Money saving voucher platform has today launched in six new territories.

Not content with its presence across eight regions already, Jochem Vroom, the Dutch entrepreneur and founder of Imbull; the company behind the voucher platform, has now expanded to the US, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Austria and Italy.

The site, which is in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and more recently India, now has a localised presence in 14 countries, but Vroom plans to more than double this.

Vrooming Ahead

“We are aiming to have a presence in 30 countries in total in the long run,” Vroom said.

“We are the only couponing website aiming for these numbers, which is why we are now looking to move to a bigger office in Amsterdam and hire 30 more full-time people to work on these countries.”

Vroom said the new staff will focus on the ‘more serious’ larger countries.

Redesign and More Markets

Despite spreading its wings across the globe, Vroom is in no rush to leap into the highly competitive UK market.

“We will not launch in the UK until our design is completely redone which we are planning to do in the next five to six months. With this redesign we want it to be a completely different website in comparison to our competitors.”

Vroom, who sees Flipit’s main competitor as, said Sweden, South Africa and Turkey are the next three countries on the hit list.