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For Creatives, By Creatives...
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For Creatives, By Creatives...


iStock talk about how their recent fresh and innovative rebrand will benefit their customers and their affiliates.

Name: iStock

Contact: Scott Bodie


What are some developments that iStock have seen this year that put you ahead of competitors?

Since 2000, iStock has empowered millions of creatives around the world to create beautiful communications on a budget. We’ve recently adjusted our pricing, improved our search functionality and increased our exclusive content. It’s a competitive landscape out there and iStock strives to lead through innovation.

Half of our imagery is now half the price, and our new sliding price filter helps customers stay on budget. We also have over 6 million exclusive images that customers can’t find anywhere else and finding the perfect image is now more straightforward thanks to recent search upgrades. Our streamlined grid and rollover helps customers focus on the image and most crucial info, while our improved search results now show more of exactly what you’re looking for.

What does this mean for your customers?

Our ultimate aim is to help creative’s in terms of time and budget, so they are able to work more freely. Many creative’s feel they lack the opportunities they once had to create truly inspired work, we want to address that.  Most recently, we’ve launched an integrated marketing campaigns ‘Free the Creative’. Free the Creative is an iStock campaign about creative freedom.  We’re all conscious of the hidden, insidious barriers to creativity– lack of time, tightened budgets, unending administrative duties and more.  While the creative industry has always been dynamic and fast-paced, these rising pressures are wearing creatives down.  iStock started as a group of photographers wanting to create a platform for content sharing and this is still what the brand stands for today - for creatives, by creatives.  We’re on a mission to free the creative – helping creatives do their best work and remain inspired along the way.

What was the reasoning behind the iStock rebrand?

We’re marrying the freshness, innovation, and strength of the iStock brand to the quality, heritage, and credibility of Getty Images. Adding “by Getty Images” to iStock associates the cache of Getty Images with the “for creatives, by creatives” appeal of iStock.  In addition, we’re adding consistency to the Getty Images family of brands.  Thinkstock by Getty Images was rebranded earlier this year and we’ve received great feedback on this change.  We want customers to view each of Getty Images’ brands as a family which offers a one-stop-shop solution, regardless of project and budget.

We’re dropping the “photo” from iStock’s name because we feel it no longer reflects the breadth of content available.  When the site launched in 2001, it was completely centered on stock photos.  Today iStock offers millions of hand-picked photos, as well as vectors, illustrations, videos and audio tracks.

What does this mean for affiliates?

Stronger AOV’s and a better conversion rate ultimately mean more earning potential for our affiliates, and this is very much what we anticipate these recent changes will mean. Its early days, but we’ve seen some fantastic growth through the affiliate campaigns and September has been our strongest month in terms of revenue since we launched back in 2010.

These recent changes make iStock more accessible to a wider audience. The creative stock industry is global and we need prices that work in all markets, helping affiliates from around the world promote us. We operate affiliate campaigns in North America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan and are launching this year in Netherlands, Australia and Brazil. Operating globally, we take a flexible and open approach with our affiliate campaigns, if a Polish or Swedish affiliate wants to promote iStock through our UK campaign, they can. As all our files are downloaded, there is no P+P which is very attractive to international customers.

We’ve also recently introduced a new iStock API through Webgains and LinkConnector working with an array of affiliates including;, & to drive some significant revenue. This is allowing affiliates to build the iStock search functionality into their sites and display relevant content that links directly into a file for great conversion rates. We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to use this API and encourage any affiliates to get in touch directly to discuss how this could work for them.

As a B2B company, how do you approach the affiliate space?

I read the PerformanceIn article “Affiliate Marketing - Why You Shouldn't Overlook B2B” with interest a few days ago. B2B affiliate campaigns are huge in North America, and this is a growing area in EMEA & APAC as the industry evolves, yet still affiliates often overlook this pocket of opportunity. The Getty Images affiliate campaigns strive to lead the way in global B2B, demonstrating through results that business affiliate campaigns can and do work. 

We operate heavily within the B2C space, working closely with coupon, loyalty and API affiliates alike. Our approach is to drive demand on B2C sites by investing in the right places, encouraging affiliates to create business or creative categories and offer interesting customer & affiliate incentives.  Just last month, the world’s first creative stock cashback site launched,, marking another achievement in B2B affiliate marketing. We take a test and learn approach to everything here in the Getty Images affiliate team, meaning we’re open to working with all affiliates in new and exciting ways -   it’s one of the cool aspects of working here.

What resources/commission does Getty offer its affiliates?

With AOV’s of £130 and commission of up to 30%, there’s some big £££ to be made! View all our international campaigns & join here.

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