A+E Networks is an award-winning, global media content company offering consumers a diverse communications environment including television networks, websites, videos, gaming and educational software.

A+E Networks is comprised of A&E, Lifetime, HISTORY, Lifetime Movie Network, BIO, and H2. With goals of expanding viewership and growing programming browsing, Urban Airship’s push messaging technology and location capabilities are a perfect fit.

For the networks, a built-out mobile push strategy is crucial for viewer engagement and interaction, allowing for high-level customisation and detailed user preference options. The network’s flagship apps – A&E, HISTORY and Lifetime – focus on highly relevant content, allowing app users to log in to their TV providers, build watch lists and filter programming searches. The apps segment viewers by their content interests  and send push notifications to alert users when new content is available.

Content Boosts Loyalty

Embracing the customisable capabilities of mobile, A+E Networks has already seen a positive shift in viewer retention and lifespan. Using push to alert users of recently added content boosts loyalty, connecting with engaged users who are ready to act. 

A night before the premiere of Devious Maids, the Lifetime network’s newest smash hit—its app used push messaging to remind mobile users to tune in the next day. It also offered a video teaser to encourage viewers to tune in. For the fans who missed opening night, Lifetime used push messaging to drive awareness of the series via mobile streaming.

Push messaging is as immediate as it is personal. HISTORY Here – a popular iPhone and Android app from HISTORY – provides access to historical points of interest using geolocation to reveal hidden history all around. The brand uses location segmentation to target users for push notifications when new content in their areas of interest is added.

Location-based Engagement

“HISTORY Here has a database of historical points of interest, each married to location. The details of the database are revealed to users based on their current location or place of interest. Adding new points of interest as users move and travel creates recurring engagement and entices fresh exploration.” – Noah Vadnai, V.P., Mobile & Emerging Platforms for A+E Networks

In addition, in an upcoming version of the app, users will be able to receive a push when they are near a premium “Hidden HISTORY” tour, increasing the likelihood that the content will be relevant and interesting, the content will be relevant and interesting, as well as improving the chances of an in-app purchase of the content. 

“Across all of our brands, our marketing teams have made huge efforts in embracing and understanding the capabilities and benefits of push notifications. And we have seen a huge return on investment – driving viewers to our apps with video, exclusive offers, ultimately providing a deeper viewing experience.” – Noah Vadnai, Vice President, Mobile & Emerging Platforms for A+E Networks