Campaign Management Enhances Digital Messaging; Adds Social Segmentation

LONDON, Teradata eCircle, a division of Teradata Corp. (NYSE:TDC), the global analytic data platforms, applications and services company, today announced that the latest version of its Campaign Management product is now available in Europe. The solution features an enhanced user interface and digital messaging, new social network segmentation, and tighter inbound and outbound marketing integration. Plus, the powerful capabilities of Teradata’s Real-Time Interaction Manager and eC-Messenger digital marketing solution are now seamlessly integrated into this latest version.

“Campaign Management is and always will be a solution built by marketers for marketers, so we’re constantly enhancing the solution to meet the needs of an evolving marketplace,” said Gonzalo Hidalgo, general manager, Customer Interaction Management with Teradata. “To our customers, the ‘I” in IMM, integration, is key to developing a full picture of who their prospects are and how best to engage them across multiple channels. Our Campaign Management solution does this more effectively than any competing product available today.”

The advantage starts with an enhanced user interface, which turns a screen into a powerful, but easy-to-use interactive dashboard for execution, management and insights. It includes new common whiteboards and streamlined navigation to improve cross-team efficiency. Behind this intuitive interface is a powerful engine that enables marketers to finely tune campaigns. From a single platform they can manage inbound and outbound communications, including precise customization that leverages multiple channels to create a complete personality profile for prospects and tailor offers accordingly.
All activity is measurable through advanced campaign analytics that offer both ad hoc analysis as well as detailed revenue vs. cost, channel ROI and response metrics. A new Reporting Workbench with data visualization tools, including geography and heat maps, enables point-and-click reporting.

Social Adapter, a capability new to this latest version of Campaign Management, enables marketers to target communications based on data from social networks. The tool captures customer preferences and other information from Facebook – including personal interests, “Likes” and friends – and integrates it with preexisting cross-channel data. This dramatically enhances Teradata’ eCircle’s Campaign Management capabilities and delivers unprecedented levels of personalization. Teradata eCircle’s Campaign Management solution is generally available now. For more information contact:

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