Support for mobile devices is a lot more widespread now than it was at the start of the year, but there are still some sites out there that only support desktop resolutions and  have failed to move with the times.

KissMyAds, a Cologne-based ad network, has conjured what it hopes is a remedy for companies caught languishing behind, which could allow them to increase revenues from mobile advertising even if they have a regular desktop website.

Intelligent App Banner is a new product for publishers that, according to the network’s chief executive officer and founder, Florian Lehwald, builds a bridge between the old world of digital marketing and the new mobile era.

“Our new publisher product creates an intelligent connection between conventional websites and mobile marketing”, Lehwald said. “We have often heard from publishers that tablet traffic redirected to old desktop sites leads to suboptimal revenues, because the advertising is far less attractive.”

Consumer Targeting

Should a smartphone or tablet user access a desktop site, publishers can display ads specifically for that mobile user in addition to conventional ads. KissMyAds states that the technology complements a site’s existing ad channel and does not disrupt the browsing session.

One example of Intelligent App Banner use would be if a publisher of a games site decides it is a good idea to display suitable app advertising to consumers browsing the site on a smartphone or tablet. 

The release of KissMyAds’s latest monetisation option for publishers follows another similar company’s move into mobile on the back of an ad network capable of displaying user-initiated video snippets.