Aviation Links is a leading Middle Eastern travel reseller. It markets travel packages including flights, hotels and cruises. The company has been working with Aimee Soft’s Aimee On-Site Campaign Management since July 2012.


Prior to working with Aimee, Aviation Links had focused their digital marketing efforts on fristly bringing new traffic to the company’s website and secondly, improving the functionality and usability of the order process to make sure customers don’t experience any surprises when placing their order.

The decision of which promotion to offer visitors on-site was determined on a daily basis according to the manager’s gut feeling and some statistical reports.

But with buying qualified traffic becoming more and more expensive for Aviation Links, the company wanted to ensure that the site visitors were being offered the most relevant offers on-site in order to improve the fill rate.


Aviation Links understood that to maximize fill rate, the on-site marketing process must be based on real time behavior which would be automated and aligned with their business goal. Therefore, Aviation Links selected the Aimee On-Site Campaign Management solution.

The integration process was completed in a couple of days and didn’t require any involvement from IT. Only a single tag was added to the relevant web pages. Presenting the available marketing campaigns to visitors enabled Aimee’s advanced behavioral prediction technology to start learning consumer behaviors and each campaign’s actual contribution to the preferred business goal – increased fill rate.

At Aviation Links, the sales process is dynamic based on differing consumer preferences as well as on the real-time fill rates of hotels, flight and cruises and the days/ hours until the deals are no longer relevant. Despite these challenges, in less than a month, Aimee’s self-learning big data algorithms automatically tuned the available campaigns both to the business requirements and the consumers’ needs.


Aimee has enabled Aviation Links to increase their fill rate (the number of seats / rooms / suites sold) by more than 40%. As a result, with the same marketing budget spent on off-site marketing / traffic generation activities, Aviation Links is exceeding their business goals.

This case study highlights two important points for web-based businesses seeking to improve their business operations. First, that Aimee works. And second, that Aimee can be easily configured to focus on the business metric that each business desires. For Aviation Links, the desired metric was fill rate. For other businesses, the desired metric can be increased revenue, improved customer loyalty, decreased costs and / or greater profit. It doesn’t matter what the business metric is – Aimee can be quickly and easily configured based on proprietary advanced behavioral prediction models and business intelligence to provide each prospective customer with the best possible marketing message in real-time in order to improve business metrics.