International Coupons, best known for its site, has announced the launch of its nineteenth web property,, which is now up and running in Slovakia.

Zlavovekody is covering a wide range of verticals with its voucher model. Consumers will have the option to purchase products such as aeroplane tickets and food at a discounted price.

Slovakia’s population stands at 5.4 million, of which there are three million internet users generating two million impressions. High growth in the affiliate sector is almost a certainty given there is such a large proportion without web access.

As for the retail landscape, Slovakia has more than 6,000 online shops and many of these are smaller businesses. Only one quarter of the country’s web-based companies are signed on to industry body, Slovak Association of Electronic Commerce.

Direct Programmes Popular in Slovakia

PerformanceIN spoke to Tomas Jagoda, International Coupons’ Slovak market specialist, who explained how negotiating deals with retailers was more lengthy than in other countries due to very few of them operating through an affiliate network.

“Currently there are 67 merchants added to the site,” Jagoda said. “The process of integrating new shops is ongoing as most of them have in-house affiliate programmes which can only be reached on an individual basis.”

“There are big affiliate networks such as CJ and zanox available at the Slovakian market, but this is post-affiliate network software which is the most popular way of integrating affiliate merchants.”

Founded in 2008, International Coupons has already established sites in Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Norway and Poland, where apparently the firm’s has a considerable presence. More than 250,000 active users spend about £40 million through the company each month.