Ezakus, a French company that focuses on real-time audience segmentation and targeting technologies, has nailed down some additional capital to help finance a new London office.

A total of $3.4 million has been raised through Idinvest Partners, which will help with the London opening and its presence in New York City. Some of the cash has also been earmarked for what the company is calling a new range of technological solutions.

The UK has been targeted by Ezakus because it feels it is a major market in the digital advertising landscape. The firm has said it will be bringing a dedicated team to the office that will work with advertiser and publishers.

Data Management

European ad clients will be able to use Ezakus’ data management platform (DMP) and Audience Management Platform (AMP). With it, publishers and advertisers can accumulate first-party data that can then be used for any future direct marketing activities.

Co-founder of Ezakus, Henri de Capèle, will be running London after being given the vice president of sales for Europe title and he does not think the UK opening will be the end of the company’s growth.

”As a stepping stone for all US adtech players to access the European market, London is a good place to start our international growth strategy,” de Capèle, said. “With already 50% of requests coming from outside of France, Ezakus is ready to expand quite rapidly”.