Mobile video ad network, AdSpruce, has taken the wraps off its new mobile video banner ad server, capable of playing video directly inside the content of a mobile website.

AdSpruce is calling its product a game changer because of the way it encodes and distributes video adverts on mobile devices. It is user initiated, meaning the user can view as little or as much of the video as they like.

Balancing the needs of the advertiser, whilst also taking care not to irritate the consumer, was key for AdSpruce marketing manager, Ryan Davies, when building the mobile video ad server.

“We wanted to develop an advertising format that was non-intrusive yet at the same time interesting and engaging,” Davies said. “If consumers have a good experience, then our advertisers and publishers will too.”

Attention-grabbing Video

A ten second preview of the video ad is encoded and held inside a rectangular banner on the webpage currently loaded in the mobile device’s browser. This preview aims to capture the attention of the user in a non-intrusive way.

The user then has the option to tap the banner and watch it full screen in its entirety. Additionally, it is possible to tap through to the product’s website, an app store or any other URL.

Prioritising a mobile first strategy is now at the forefront of advertisers’ minds and Ian Mullins, chief executive officer of AdSpruces, wanted to have a product ready for when brands came knocking.

“With more and more people turning away from their computers in favour of their phone, the mobile web is set to grow exponentially over the next few years,” Mullins predicted.

“Our technology capitalises on this trend, giving users the type of banner ads that they are used to as well as providing a better, more engaging solution for advertisers and publishers.”