Ever the domain of the high street coffee shop or frozen yogurt retailer, the chop pass has been an always-present in consumers’ wallets almost since the invention of the rubber stamp itself.

Although there is the chance of buying nine lattes and getting the tenth free, consumers will always be questioning whether they hope to visit the same small indie barista, or even if they have sufficient space in their wallet for another loyalty card.

PassKit, the Hong Kong-founded company behind mobile wallet, Passbook, has now released what it hopes will put an end to consumers’ concerns and the general misery from furled-corner loyalty cards in CHOPpass for smartphones.

Using the app, consumers can scan or click a link to add their personalised CHOPpass to PassWallet or Apple’s own Passbook. The CHOPpass is apparently created after only the one scan.

Automated Reward Delivery

Once the customer has collated enough of these virtual stamps, the reward is delivered to them automatically. There is no limit on the amount of CHOPpasses that can be collected and they are all stored in the same place.

Businesses can look into the data collected by CHOPpass and see insights into the buying habits of their customers. Information into the number of passes issued as well as location and usage patterns can all be accessed through the app.

CHOPpass also makes use of push messaging. If a consumer walks past a retailer, they will automatically receive a message on the lock screen reminding them to collect more stamps. It can also be used for other messaging.