A luxury fashion-focused startup, spawned from Tradedoubler’s innovative incubator project, has secured £350,000 of investment.

Online boutique LUX FIX, which features clothes, shoes and accessories from an array of unique and independent designers, today announced that it has successfully closed its first, all-important angel investment round.

Founders and long-time pals Alice Hastings-Bass and Rebecca Glenapp, have secured the investment from a number of leading UK web entrepreneurs; including founder of Skyscanner; Barry Smith, co-founder of the Mr & Mrs Smith travel site; Tamara Heber-Percy, and Spencer Hyman of Last.fm.

From tiger-shaped cufflinks, asymmetric clutches and hologram wallets, to bespoke leather camera boxes, silk dresses and cow hide boots – LUX FIX offers a wide, but select variety of apparel and accessories.

The Zoo Project

In 2012 members’ only luxury e-tailer LUX FIX was selected by a ‘Dragon’s Den-style panel at the Tradedoubler London HQ, as part of its incubator scheme; The Zoo Project.

The scheme gives budding entrepreneurs a rare opportunity to join Tradedoubler’s London office to enjoy one year’s rent and rates-free office space. Winners also benefit from having a Tradedoubler mentor and are paired with a publisher development manager.

“Thanks to the unparalleled day-to-day support at The Zoo, we were able to focus on getting a fantastic team of investors on,” Glenapp said.

“It has accelerated our development as a startup by standing on the shoulders of the best-in-class Tradedoubler technology product, and by constant contact with an exceptionally innovative team. You can’t imagine as a startup that one relationship could assist in overcoming as many challenges as Tradedoubler has for us.”

Gaining Traction & Great Things Ahead

President and chief executive officer of Tradedoubler, Rob Wilson, created The Zoo Project scheme and so far the business has committed more than £1 million in business resources towards it.

“LUX FIX is the kind of success story that we hoped would emerge when launching The Zoo Project,” Wilson said.

“Alice and Rebecca are enormously talented and have produced a beautiful destination that offers a unique, Brit-focused take on fashion that is quickly gaining traction. With their impressive new backers and the continued support of The Zoo, we’re expecting great things.”

The Zoo Project’s third round is about to commence. Keep an eye on PerformanceIN next week to see the entrepreneurs that are about to become residents.