‘Mobile first’ is one of those buzz phrases set to become more popular as brands focus the majority of their marketing resources on the mobile channel. Mobile is no longer the afterthought it once was.

Consumers are looking for mobile support from the get go and if there isn’t, chances are those same consumers will turn to a competitor that has invested properly in responsive design or a native app.

Affiliate Window’s own figures go some way to back this up. In 2013, tablet sales will overtake the laptop, a device that is beginning to show signs of an expiration data, according to the plummeting sales unveiled by Gartner earlier this year.

More Phones Than People

Tablets will be supplemented by the number of mobile phones each household will own. At present, 62% of people own a smartphone, but by 2013 there will be more mobile phones than people in the UK.

Still, with these trends, and the emergence of a mobile first strategy, some advertisers are dragging their heels. Only one in three advertisers have a mobile site, which isn’t the most positive statistic.

Affiliate Window has released more data from its performance marketing network as part of the following infographic.