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Ad Transparency Can Increase Consumer Positivity
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Ad Transparency Can Increase Consumer Positivity


Being given the chance to opt out of advertising is becoming even more important to consumers than ever before, according to new research from online privacy management firm, TRUSTe.

Conducted by market researcher, Harris Interactive, the 2013 UK Consumer Data Privacy Study: Advertising Edition polled the opinions of 1,254 UK internet users. Of those, 53% said they would be more inclined to do business with an advertiser or publisher if given an online behavioural advertising (OBA) opt-out option.

Slightly less (49%) would feel more comfortable about clicking an advertisement with the choice to opt out, whereas 30% have stopped doing business with a company or website because of privacy concerns.

Well Versed in Cookie Directive

The cookie directive is not the hot topic it once was. One reason for this is that consumers are more knowledgeable about it. Interestingly, 79% of UK internet users expect companies to comply with the directive and 49% will only visit sites that comply.

As for who is responsible for their privacy, the majority of consumers feel it is up to website owners and publishers (77%), followed closely by social networks (74%).

More of TRUSTe’s findings can be seen in the infographic below.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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