With the emergence of new technologies and rapidly changing consumer behaviour, it is important for advertisers to adopt an omni-channel approach; putting the customer at the heart of their strategy and empowering them to purchase in a seamless and convenient way.

Whether this is online, in-store or via mobile, a channel neutral approach has significant benefits for advertisers as well as customers.

Menswear fashion brand, Burton recently launched an initiative across the performance channel to do just that. They were eager to enable consumers to choose where they would like to purchase. By providing two publishers with exclusive voucher codes entitling customers to 25% off their purchase (irrespective of where they purchased), they were able to increase brand exposure as well as footfall to their stores. 

By providing customers with the choice of channels to purchase from, they saw some impressive results – online, through mobile and in-store. With the increased exposure given across the publishers sites, Burton saw a significant increase in activity. Affiliate traffic increased by 260% on the previous week while the offer also converted exceptionally well at 14.5% click to sale.

“The affiliate channel is important to Burton because we’re keen on getting more eyes on the Burton brand so customers realise the evolution of the brand. Partnering with our affiliates whilst running our 25% off event creates the opportunity to reach potential customers; once they arrive on site conversions are great!” – Charlotte Heleine, ECommerce Marketing Manager.

Sales Increase

During the week long promotion, Burton also increased sales by 395% online and via mobile devices through the performance channel. In addition to this, an integrated approach saw them generate an additional £55k in revenue from in store purchases. 

The promotion also had a positive impact on average order values both in store and online. Prior to the offer being run, AOV in store stood at £25. During the promotional period this increased to £27.48. The affiliate channel also saw increased AOV online compared to Burton’s other online channels with an average order value of £50 through affiliates versus £47 for other channels.

“We run this event several times a year to drive customers in store to drive trade and share our newness for the season – offering the promotion through affiliates lets us share our brand with new audiences.” – Jonathan Greeno, Offline Marketing Manager

Adopting an omni-channel approach has seen Burton install functionality in store to ensure all sales generated through these publishers track in real time to monitor the effectiveness of the promotion. This enabled a smooth transaction process and ensured the correct partner was rewarded for the sales generated in store.

By providing consumers with the choice and convenience of where to purchase, Burton has successfully leveraged the performance channel to increase sales and drive additional revenue.