Three new social media and search analytics features added to Searchmetrics Suite

Among the new features added to Searchmetrics’ platform for digital marketers is a new Social Engagement tool that automatically tracks social media engagement for specific URLs or landing pages, identifying if and when they become viral and which social networks are having the greatest impact.
Another new feature is Holistic Search, which lets marketers analyse the performance of their organic search and paid search activity side by side to maximize overall traffic and conversions. And thirdly, the new Content Optimization feature lets marketers gather insights from competitors’ web sites including generating lists of alternative phrases and wording for specific target keywords or topics.
The three new features can be found on the Searchmetrics Suite, the company’s online platform for digital marketers and agencies which provides customized insights, forecasts and recommendations to support cross-channel digital marketing campaigns including search, social media and mobile.

Social Engagement
Social Engagement helps marketers analyse the social media performance of their domains by tracking how frequently specific URLs and landing pages are shared – and on which social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn). It delivers data and charts to show social media performance over time. And by connecting a sitemap or RSS feed, it is possible to receive automatic hourly updates on social engagement with individual URLs (this is especially convenient for news sites and publishers who are continually adding new content and need to track audience engagement).
“If real people share content on the web it shows the content is valuable, so keeping track of social engagement indicates how successfully your content connects with your target audiences. On top of this, social shares also drive traffic and can potentially help bring in-bound links to indirectly support SEO – so another reason to monitor social engagement. And we know that there’s a strong positive correlation between social signals and Google rankings with many experts believing social is now a ranking factor so it’s helpful for us to give users data on social engagement as well as the search analytics we provide,” explained Marcus Tober, CTO and Founder of Searchmetrics.

Holistic Search
Holistic Search combines data about a web site’s search rankings for target keywords, the traffic the site generates through individual keywords and the conversion results – and then looks at these three data sources from an organic and from a paid search perspective. Comparing organic and paid performance on the same keyword set in this way enables marketers to identify hidden traffic and conversion potential. It also means organic and paid marketers can learn from each other and create a more integrated strategy to maximize results.
“Organic and paid search should not work in isolation – they work best if they support each other. Are there keywords with low organic rankings that could generate more traffic and conversions with more paid search support? Is it possible to reduce spend on certain keywords which already have high organic rankings? Or should there be a strategy of dominating both organic and paid search for certain keywords. Our new Holistic Search analysis can help provide insights in these areas,” explained Tober.

Content Optimization
Content Optimization helps marketers maximize the search performance of their sites by analysing competitors’ content and keyword strategies to helping identify relevant keywords and phrases relating to specific topics when creating content for a new or existing page.
“As well as helping with keyword research by analysing competitors’ sites, the Searchmetrics Content Optimization feature delivers an overview of the complexity of your competitors’ content, including the number of headlines and word counts on specific pages,” added Tober.

Searchmetrics Suite automates many aspects of SEO and social media analysis, monitoring and reporting for agencies and in-house search marketers. It allows users to track SEO performance across desktop and mobile devices, on all major search engines in 134 countries using clear KPIs, providing the ability to monitor keywords and sub-pages, evaluate links, and analyse and compare domains and identify competitor strategies. It enables analysis and tracking of social media marketing campaigns on the key global social networks.

About Searchmetrics
Searchmetrics is the pioneer and leading global provider of digital marketing software and services. It operates the Searchmetrics SuiteTM, an innovative, interactive online marketing platform for companies and online agencies. With its “Analyze ‒ Optimize ‒ Succeed” philosophy for online marketing, the company offers a holistic consulting approach to helping companies and online agencies develop and execute, intelligent, long term digital marketing strategies.
The company’s flagship Searchmetrics SuiteTM platform helps customers to define their individual business goals ‒ such as increased ROI ‒ and achieve them by delivering customized insights, forecasts, and recommendations. It provides detailed analysis and data in SEO, social media and mobile to create a solid foundation for cross-channel digital marketing campaigns. The Searchmetrics SuiteTM allows users to shape the own online visibility and differentiate themselves from, potential competitors. Through individually scalable traffic and revenue forecasts and simulations, customers can identify how and where they need to develop their online presence, take appropriate action and track their performance against their goals.
The company has offices in Berlin, London, Paris and New York and operates its SaaS software through a network of partners and an online shop. The fast-growing company currently has more than 100 employees. It is backed by the renowned venture capitalist companies Neuhaus Partners and Iris Capital. Many respected brands, such as T-Online, eBay, Siemens and TUI rely on Searchmetrics to ensure they have excellent visibility through intelligent online marketing strategies.