Following its recent mobile business acquisition, New York-based Media6Degrees has now decided to ditch its old name and rebrand.

The advertising technology company has announced that it will now be known as Dstillery, in order to reflect its expanded mission and versatile suite of solutions for marketers.

The 2007-founded business, which acquired early innovator in mobile media buying and targeting firm EveryScreen Media (ESM), in July, said the name fits as it ‘distils’ billions of consumer signals and billions of available impressions across all screens.

By capturing brand signal from existing customers, and scoring prospects based on their digital journeys through millions of websites, Dstillery offers a real-time advertising solution called ProspectRank, which delivers relevant audiences to marketers.

Ex-Google employee and Dstillery’s chief executive officer, Tom Phillips, said the name reflects the distillation of these signals and the activation of brand-specific insights for leading brands, including AT&T, Hertz, and Williams-Sonoma.

“We’ve come a long way from our early days of mining corners of the web for connections between brands and consumers,” Phillips said.

“With the addition of intelligence derived from mobile devices, we take a quantum leap toward extracting brand signals from the complete consumer journey. For the first time, we bring marketers the power of combining physical and digital worlds to deliver their best audience.”

Dstillery will roll out new capabilities over the next few months, aimed at adding new dimensions to the way marketers connect with their audiences.