Contextual analysis and data provider, ADmantX, has gone one step further in its attempt to segment online consumers, with the release of an innovation it is calling Semantic Audience Profiling.

Founded in Italy and with offices across Europe and the US, ADmantX wants to tap into the influence content has on the consumer decision-making process, which the company believes places it in ‘the last mile’ category.

Using data, the tech provider hopes to go beyond brand safety and ad optimisation to gain a deeper understanding of those browsing certain content. ADmantX then wants to use the result to enhance audience profile and segment data.

AdmantX can now analyse online content by breaking it down categorically, emotionally, by entities such as people and places as well as for buyer intention, ad safety and custom matching criteria.

Targeting Precision

Unsurprisingly, targeting accuracy is improved, mostly because of all that extra consumer insight that ADmantX is capable of compiling, according to chief marketing officer at the company, Brooke Aker.

“ADmantX semantic audience profiles can support any targeting strategy and be combined with other audience data to achieve the highest and affordable precision at massive scale,” Aker said.

“By capturing consumers’ interests from content they’re reading, we are able to pre-define specific profiles based on content affinities and semantic similarity, to deliver more actionable targeting data to the core of every audience.”

The end result helps ADmantX to channel semantic data, which it says can improve ad engagement by 40%, increase click value by 200% and boost the CPM that can be charged by 400%.