FusePump have launched their new One Minute Challenge video campaign.

Designed to explain their e-commerce marketing technology clearly and simply, this series of videos challenges one member of the FusePump team to explain a product or solution in under one minute.

FusePump Founder Rob Durkin kicks off the campaign by explaining the new BuyNow referral sales solution.

With nothing more than a pen and a whiteboard, Rob has just sixty seconds to explain the latest FusePump technology before he gets cut off.

Speaking about his one minute challenge, Rob explains the video idea.

“We wanted to do something different that was light-hearted and fun, so we came up with these videos. They are actually a real challenge for us because we don’t have long to prepare our response and we’re racing against the clock.

“We’ve already had a lot of positive responses to the videos and we’ve got more to come, so keep your eyes open!”

The first video can be found on the FusePump website and also on the FusePump YouTube channel.