Performance advertising platform, Clickky, has rolled out its latest product, a way for content publishers to monetise links to the App Store and Google Play.

Applinks finds and replaces direct links to the iTunes App Store or Google Play with Clickky’s affiliate links. iOS and Android review websites, blogs and forums are those being targeted by Clickky’s affiliate model.

Operating on a pay-per-install basis, remuneration packages start from $1 for every app installed. Clickky believes app installs will help publishers move away from their reliance featured posts and advertising.

The service is similar to the one being offered by Skimlinks, which is assisting those publishers left stranded with the task of updating all their iTunes links when Apple made the decision to move its programme to Performance Horizon Group.

Niche Publishers

Founder and chief executive officer of Clickky, Vadim Rogovskiy, described how his company’s desire to help market mobile developers’ work led to the creation of affiliate-linking service, Applinks

“We are constantly looking for new sources of mobile traffic, and that is why we create new tools and technologies,” Rogovskiy said. “Applinks is a revolutionary no risk content monetisation service for a narrow niche of web resources, dedicated to iOS and Android applications.”

Webmasters will need to sign up to get the Javascript code, which is currently still being promoted as a beta version.